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Alex Fitzsimmons

Sports Trainer & Coach

Alex “Fitz” Fitzsimmons was born and raised here in the great state of Nebraska. Alex played four years of Varsity football at Millard South from 2011-2015. In his time at Millard South, Alex would receive multiple offers from local NAIA schools but ultimately chose to play for Midland University in Fremont.

After his time at Midland University, Alex jumped right into coaching due to his love for the game. Alex’s alma mater, George Russell Middle School, would offer a coaching job.  Now entering his fifth year of coaching, Alex has become the biggest student of the game, and coaching became his calling.


Alex now spends his time coaching the WR’s/DB’s along with the defense at Russell. 
Alex serves his community by being involved with not only Russell athletes, but with Cox communications charity events, and as a sports trainer and coach at Alliance Sports Training.

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